The town of the druids, Brevis is a small village ruled by Lucan Briss.

Terrain and locationEdit

Brevis is lovated in the jungles south east of The Crastern Capital. Much of the land is very mountainous and filled with danger even during the day.

Economy, and BuildingsEdit


Brevis has no major mines or farmes, but boasts a abundant supply of wood, thus most of it's exports are woods based such as benches, doors, chests, and boats. This has lead to there being great carpenters in the otherwise small town.


Most of brevis is built into a deep valley leading to wooden walkways being built around the rim to allow for easy access to all buildings. The lowest level holds the few stores that Brevis has, as well as an alchemy lab. The main level is mostly houses and is often the bussiest level. The upper level is a simple shrine to Viktoria.